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The end of the summer

We've had a great summer in the parks, with brilliant weather most of the time.  The kids have all been brilliant, too, and, after joining in with all the games and fun each afternoon, they've helped to carry the play equipment to the van afterwards and clear up any rubbish left in the park. 

I've enjoyed meeting up with families who we've known over the years - someone, whose children are now grown up, came over and said she actually remembered us from way back, when there was only…


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Different kinds of good weather!

It's been lovely seeing families turning up in the parks in spite of the rain.  Although we haven't been able to get the large play equipment out of the van on a couple of days (because it gets too slippery for climbing on when it's wet), we have managed to do our usual dancing, games, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, etc - and a few parachute games in between the showers.

Children never seem to mind the rain - and we don't, either!  Providing the electrical equipment can be…


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Summer events

At the ninth hour, some funding has come through, so we are joining North Somerset Council for family fun days in the parks, as well as holding our events in Bridgwater and in Clarence Park, Weston on Monday 19th August.  We have also been very lucky and have been given some funding by Go Kids Go! to replace some of our old equipment, which was finally beginning to crack at the seams after being played on by thousands of children over the years!  So great news all round!




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Windy Sunday!

Yesterday, we ran a little Family Fun Day on the village green at Elborough Village. The wind was blowing hard and it was horribly cold for June, but we received a lovely warm welcome from everyone, including the boys playing football there when we arrived.  One boy, aged about 10, came up and asked what music we would be playing during the afternoon and then asked if he could bring his own CD over to play.  I asked him who it was and he said Bob Marley!

Children played on the large…


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News from down Taunton way!

I am working for Somerset Play Forum in Taunton and

We are organising a SPRING PLAY CELEBRATION on Weds APRIL 24th nr Taunton and you are all invited! 
contact Ali on  01823 273085 or check us out on our website

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Getting ready for Spring!

However cold it might be, there's definitely the exciting feeling that Spring is lurking just around the corner - and everyone will soon be out playing! 


The wobbly bridge is now installed at Elborough, up near the log hops and the mushrooms, but it's horribly muddy up there.  We've put some rubber matting down, which will make a better play surface once the grass starts to grow through, and I am seeking funding to make a little path through the woodland area.  We had fun…


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What we're up to!

We had a brilliant day running family sports on 8th July, as part of the Shipham Fun Olympics - and we're running another Family Fun Olympics at Elborough on 22nd July, so fingers crossed for sunshine.

We're also delighted to say that we have a bit of funding this year, so shall be running some Family Fun Days in the parks with North Somerset Council.  We are also running PLAYDAY again this year, in conjunction with the SWAN Partnership, but this time it is being held at Clarence…


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July and August

This is just to update you all on what the Play Forum is up to this summer. 

We've run two Family Fun Days recently - one on the village green in Elborough Village (which was a friendly affair, where we got to know some more of the children who live there - and where the Dads had their own tug of war!!) and one last Monday in Clarence Park, Weston, with the Central Children's Centre, which was a very busy and happy occasion.


We also held a Countryside Day at Elborough…


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Happy June!

Play Forum held a Family Fun Day at Castle Batch yesterday, as part of the Castle Batch Celebration.  It was a lovely sunny day and a good time was had by all (although, when we were loading and unloading the van with all the large toys from the toy library, we didn't always feel that way!!!).


It was great being out in the park and playing with children again - they are so enthusiastic, friendly and funny and have such powerful imaginations (transforming themselves from…


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Not much fun!

It's not much fun at the moment opening letters from potential funders and discovering that they can't help us!  I guess all the grantmaking trusts are absolutely swamped this year with requests for funding -  and also, our aims of providing free activities in the parks don't sound very important to funders, compared with requests for supporting disabled children, refugees, etc.  The sad thing is that they don't realise how much the Family Fun Days have always meant to families with no…


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Our current state of play!

As some of you will know, our service level agreement with North Somerset Council ends this month (March 2011), as does the Toy Library's, which we manage.  This means that we are struggling to find some funding, so that we don't go the way of the dinosaurs.


Sadly, this means that we are currently unable to do all our Summer Fun in the Parks days, or our annual two-day multicultural event in Grove Park, or any of the other things that we normally do.  We are desperately…


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Since we've had to start paying for Ning, we are on the cheapest rate and we don't seem to have an events section any more!

Anyway, this is just to say that we'll be holding our usual Halloween Party in Grove Park on Sunday, 31 October from 6-8 pm - and families can dress up in spooky costumes and come along to enjoy some music, fun, fire-spinning and fireworks.

Hope to see you there!

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Something rather weird is happening on here! If I click on to EVENTS on here without signing in, I can then click on the first FAMILY FUN DAYS notice and that's fine, but if I then click on to the arrow saying 'next event', it leads me to NORTH SOMERSET PLAY FORUM AT THE MUSEUM, but tells me that it's sorry but that event is full!!

Obviously the event isn't full and if you sign in and then click on events, this doesn't seem to happen. I have no idea why it's doing that…


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Music and Dance

What A fab time we had on Sunday. Must of been over 500 users in the park. What Great Music!!

Do we have a end number for how much we made?

Thank you to everone who came and made the day so good.

Thank You!!

Keep well all. Stay safe

Sam (WEO)

Added by Wizard Weo, some call me (Sam) on July 15, 2010 at 6:28pm — 2 Comments

Music and Dance Festival 10-11July

Great thank you to Quita and Steve and all the gang including Sarah and Mike from North Somerset for putting on another GREAT weekend of diverse entertainment - enjoyed by thousands in the sun!

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Made it

I made it , im online and joined up, Hi all.

Are we all ready for music in the park?


Added by Wizard Weo, some call me (Sam) on June 26, 2010 at 4:15pm — 1 Comment

Support for the Play Forum

My daughter Rachel is running in the 10k event at Bristol next Sunday, 9th May, to raise money for the Play Forum.

Although we have some funding for events, we are still sorely pressed for money, so if you could sponsor Ray (even a tiny sum), we would be incredibly grateful. We are registering for JustGiving, but it takes some time so, meanwhile, if you are able to help, would you message me your e-mail address, phone number and amount donated? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…


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