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However cold it might be, there's definitely the exciting feeling that Spring is lurking just around the corner - and everyone will soon be out playing! 


The wobbly bridge is now installed at Elborough, up near the log hops and the mushrooms, but it's horribly muddy up there.  We've put some rubber matting down, which will make a better play surface once the grass starts to grow through, and I am seeking funding to make a little path through the woodland area.  We had fun making scarecrows and putting them out around the village towards the end of last year - and we also had a brilliant event in December, with a performance by Nutty Noah at his dazzling best, and then workshops for children to make an assortment of little Christmas presents.  Once the weather gets warmer, I'm planning a few events for families on the village green.


We're also looking forward to organising a Family Fun Day in May in Weston - so watch this space!

Needless to say, fundraising goes on................


Keep flying the flag for play!



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