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We've had a great summer in the parks, with brilliant weather most of the time.  The kids have all been brilliant, too, and, after joining in with all the games and fun each afternoon, they've helped to carry the play equipment to the van afterwards and clear up any rubbish left in the park. 

I've enjoyed meeting up with families who we've known over the years - someone, whose children are now grown up, came over and said she actually remembered us from way back, when there was only Sally and me running the park sessions together!  

There's been lots of fun and laughter, but here are three little things that really made me smile:

i) A little boy wanted to sing on 'the world's smallest stage' and the song he was desperate to sing was 'Jingle Bells'.  It was so stuck in his head that when Steve asked him what his name was, he burst out "Jingle!" and when Steve asked who was with him in the park, he again burst out "Jingle!". 

ii) Another little boy said he wanted to tell a joke and so he said, "What do you get if you put a spin dryer on top of a washing machine?"  "I don't know, what do you get if you put a spin dryer on a washing machine?" asked Steve.  "A goal post!" was the boy's reply.  "Good joke, good joke!" responded Steve.

iii)  Another little boy (yes, it's all about boys this time) came up to where I was sitting, with a pirate hat on my head, and crouched down, looking at me for quite a long time.  Finally, he said to me, "Where's your Mummy?".

Hope that made you smile as well!


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